Drs. Joseph and Deborah Plaud Welcome You!
On behalf of the growing team of those developing the Franklin D. Roosevelt American Heritage Center, Inc., I welcome you.

The purpose of the Franklin D. Roosevelt American Heritage Center, Inc. is to provide cultural, historical, and other learning opportunities concerning the life and public service of Franklin D. Roosevelt, his family, and associates, with focus on American history during the 1930s and 1940s, and to promote dissemination of such topics to the public.

If you would like to acquaint yourself with some of the major initiatives that Franklin D. Roosevelt sponsored in his New Deal for the American people in the midst of the Great Depression, policies and programs that for the first time in American history sought to give ordinary Americans freedom from want and freedom from fear (as President Roosevelt would later articulate in his famous Four Freedoms address to the American Congress on January 6, 1941), please visit our New Deal synopsis page.

We plan on commencing many new initiatives, and I was thrilled at the success of our Franklin D. Roosevelt American Heritage Center Museum grand opening exercises on Saturday, July 24, 2004. You may find a newspaper article written shortly before our grand opening celebration interesting to read. The Franklin D. Roosevelt American Heritage Center Museum is now open in the heart of New England: Worcester, Massachusetts. I am also excited to announce that the Franklin D. Roosevelt American Heritage Center Special Collection is also open in the Henry Hobson Richardson Room of the Thomas Crane Public Library, in Quincy, Massachusetts. I invite you to click on the Join Us button located above or view and print our FDR Center Membership Application and assist us in fulfilling our mission by making a fully tax-deductible contribution to the Franklin D. Roosevelt American Heritage Center, Inc.

FDR Center Museum Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Ceremony: Nicholas Roosevelt, James Roosevelt, Jr., Joseph J. Plaud, and Congressman James P. McGovern (left to right)
Our Grand Opening, held in the Great Hall of Union Station on July 24, 2004, was attended by hundreds of veterans and citizens from the greater Worcester, Massachusetts community as well as a distinguished group of speakers, including U.S. Representive James P. McGovern; Robert Bullock, Director of Institutional Advancement at the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute in Hyde Park, New York; State Representative Robert P. Spellane; City Councilor Thomas P. White; and Edward Augustus, Democratic candidate for Worcester's Second District Senate seat. James Roosevelt, Jr. and Nick Roosevelt led the official ribbon cutting ceremony which opened the Franklin D. Roosevelt American Heritage Center Museum, and author and journalist Studs Terkel welcomed the visitors from a prepared video especially made for the Grand Opening. Presidential historian Stan Klos gave the keynote speech during the evening activities, highlighting FDR's legacy as the "greatest President of the twentieth century." We are pleased to share photographs of the morning's Grand Opening Ceremony for the Franklin D. Roosevelt American Heritage Center Museum on July 24, 2004. I also cordially invite you to learn more about some of the historical memorabilia you will find at the FDR Museum and Special Collection.

The FDR American Heritage Museum Entrance Gallery in the historic Union Station, Worcester, Massachusetts
We will be working on a "virtual tour" of the FDR American Heritage Center Museum in the coming months. Right now from our homepage you can experience a Preview of some of the special items that will are on display in the FDR Museum, which is open Wednesday through Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The FDR Museum telephone number is: (508) 770-1515.

President Roosevelt visited Union Station and Worcester, Massachusetts on multiple occasions. Learn More about the visits of the President to Union Station.

On January 11, 1944, in the midst of World War II, President Roosevelt spoke forcefully and eloquently about the greater meaning and higher purpose of American security in a post-war America. Today the principles and ideas conveyed by FDR's words matter as much as they did over sixty years ago, and the Franklin D. Roosevelt American Heritage Center is proud to reprint a selection of FDR's vision, his "Economic Bill of Rights" for the security and economic liberty of the American people in war and peace.

This article is a PDF document View and Print the FDR Center Brochure! Our full color brochure, available online by clicking on the link to your left, gives you details about our FDR American Heritage Center, including the FDR Heritage Museum and Special Collection. You may also view and print the new FDR American Heritage Center Museum Rack Card, featuring key information about the purpose and scope of the FDR Center.

We also plan on initiating several cultural, historical, and scholarly programs, and I invite you to join and participate in our rapidly growing not for profit agenda. The FDR American Heritage Center is now offering memberships, and actively soliciting for volunteer services, so I encourage you to contact me at plaud@fdrheritage.org.

The Principal Officers of the Franklin D. Roosevelt American Heritage Center and Museum are:

Dr. Joseph J. Plaud, President
Dr. Deborah M. Plaud, Vice President
Cyrus D. Lipsitt, B.F.A., Director of the FDR American Heritage Center Museum

I am pleased to invite you to visit our Who's Who in the FDR Center link to find out more about the people who are devoted to bringing you the Franklin D. Roosevelt American Heritage Center and Museum.

Our central public-interest in preserving the Roosevelt legacy has been covered in several newspaper articles about the Franklin D. Roosevelt American Heritage Center, on October 14, 2003 , December 16, 2003, December 24, 2003, May 25, 2004, July 21, 2004, July 25, 2004, January 4, 2005, August 4, 2005 , August 9, 2005 (Article I), August 9, 2005 (Article II), and December 7, 2005. As recounted in the October 14, 2003 edition of the Worcester Telegram and Gazette:
Worcester's Historic Union Station
"As a child, Joseph J. Plaud was fascinated by his grandmother's stories about President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. She didn't know the president, but she admired him so much that she spoke about him in familiar terms. 'She made him seem like he was her best friend,' Dr. Plaud said. The grandmother piqued her grandson's curiosity. 'I thought, Who is this FDR, and why is he so important?' As a teenager, Dr. Plaud started buying kitschy items connected to FDR and the New Deal. As he matured, so did his interest. Dr. Plaud said he moved on to books, photographs and documents, especially the ones with FDR's signature, which represented 'the force of a pen behind a bill, policy or government action.' By the mid-1990s, Dr. Plaud, a forensic psychologist by trade, had become a very serious collector - so serious, in fact, that he had amassed a cache of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt material considered by many collectors and dealers to be the largest of its kind in private hands."

Through the FDR Center's continued efforts and support, these initiatives begun over a quarter century ago will continue to preserve the legacy of the life and times of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt and the New Deal.

The Franklin D. Roosevelt American Heritage Center Museum is located at:

The FDR A.H.C. Museum
Union Station
Second Floor
2 Washington Square
Worcester, MA 01604-4016 U.S.A.
Telephone: (508) 770-1515
Facsimile: (508) 526-8787

The Franklin D. Roosevelt American Heritage Center Special Collection is located at:

Henry Hobson Richardson Room
Thomas Crane Public Library
40 Washington Street
Quincy, MA 02169-5304 U.S.A.
Telephone: (617) 376-1300

The business and membership offices of the FDR Center are located at:

Franklin D. Roosevelt American Heritage Center
Administrative Offices:
44 Hickory Lane
Whitinsville, MA 01588-1356 U.S.A.
Quincy's Henry Hobson Richardson Room

The FDR American Heritage Center Museum and Special Collection showcase one of the finest primary source documentary and other artifact collection of materials related to FDR, ER, and the New Deal in the world.

Further, the FDR American Heritage Center develops and promotes curricula to integrate into primary and secondary educational settings, so that the New Deal era will be taught more substantively and effectively to children and other students of all ages. The FDR American Heritage Center, therefore, not only functions as a major Museum consortium, but also as an educational outreach center devoted to teaching people about the legacy of FDR and the New Deal.

Again, welcome to our website, please check back often to see what great progress we are making in attaining our goals for the Franklin D. Roosevelt American Heritage Center, Inc.

We welcome your comments and suggestions, please contact us.
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